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About Us 

We are Frank and Lynette Benzinger and have been proud owners of Luba for over three years. We were avid Labrador Retriever breeders in the 70's. We focused on the working aspect of the breed in the area of field trails. After losing our last Labrador we stopped owning dogs. It took many years to realize the void we had created in our lives without a dog in our family. 

We decided it was time for a new dog and a new breed. We felt that nothing could replace our Ebony who resides at Rainbow Bridge. In researching we decided we wanted a large dog like a St. Bernard or a Newfoundlander. We also wanted one that would be watchful of our home while we were absent or sleeping. When looking at these beautiful dogs there were concerns we had. They both had winter coats and were comfortable in a cold climate. They also drooled a lot and shedded seasonally. For these reasons we ruled out any breed which shed or drooled. 

I came across a Russian website which content contained puppy breeds. I found some interesting breeds in Russia. For instance the Caucasian Shepherd. This is a large massive dog which is suspicious of strangers. I liked this dog but learned they are not very social. It also had to shed seasonally which put an end to the idea of getting one. 

There was a blog section in this site were there were many people writing to this one lady. Her name was Marina Smeyan. It turned out that she was a breeder of the Black Russian Terrier. She was very kind to me and sent me a book about the breed which she had written. The story she told me was fascinating and I was hooked ever since.

Thus we began our search for our new family pet. Since I had read Marina Smeyan’s entire book on her dogs and the breed in general, I decided I wanted a dog from her lines. We came to Kalinka’s Kennel in Canada and found a puppy there which had the Banzi lines in her. It was the last dog of a litter with these lines and the breeder, Rita Golsky, was selling her. The rest is history. In the preceding pages you will learn more about our puppy and her ancestors.

At this time I wish to acknowledge some important people to us. 

·        Rita Golskaya: Thank you Rita for bringing Luba to us!

·        Mikhail: Rita's son, for without his translation help we could not be communicating.

·        Natella Letichever: for putting two lovely dogs together to make our one.

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