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Meet Colonel G. Medvedev of the Central Military School of Working Dogs.
After WW II this man was given an assignment. His job was to create a new breed of dog. You see the Russians had lost most of their quality pedigree dogs in the war. There is not much said about what happened to those dogs but history would suggest on the dinner table or in the line of duty. So instead of importing dogs the mighty Russian Military decided to make their own breed. Pretty cool!

                                                  The Six Million Dollar Man

Lee Majors stared as the Bionic Man in the 70's. The show started with the line. "We can rebuild him, make him stronger and make him faster". This is very much like the Black Russian Terrier and the Russian Military's mindset. They did not want to be dependent on the outside world and import their breeds. They wanted to start from scratch and create their own new breed, one that would symbolize the power and might of their own country's ingenuity.  

Now you have to accept the fact that most times when a new breed is created it starts with one or two breeders with an idea. In this case, there were certain criteria set forth by the mighty Russian military government as to what desired attributes they wanted from this new breed. It was very deliberate, planned, and recorded. There were scientists, kynologists (animal behavior studies) and biologists working on this project. They had Russian science at their disposal with a blank check for expenses! 

They wanted to create a military dog which is:

1. Fearless: A dog which will not cower in the face of danger.
2. Powerful: One which could pull or carry weight. 
3. Scent work: A sense of smell in order to be used for tracking, rescue, or bomb detection. 
4. Weather tolerant: A coat which is adaptable to extreme climate and protects itself from wet exposure.
5. Intelligent: A thinking dog with problem solving ability. 
6. Temperament: A trainable dog with natural aloofness to strangers. 
7. Quick Reactions: Very quick responsiveness to alarming situations.

Meet the ADAM and EVE of the BRT breed. 

Roy was a Giant Schnauzer and Una was a Rottweiler. Also Airdale Terrier and Newfoundland were used. 

Here are some of the other foundation mates. 

Giant Schnauzers - Sires - Zorab (Reg.7411D), Roy (Reg.U720P), Shaitan 

Airedale Terriers - Dams - Sotta(Reg.4U78C), Sima (Reg.47U3C), Sembi(4942C), Salma (Reg.48U6C) 

Rottweiler - Dams - Uda (Reg.59UOY),Una (Reg.58UOY), Femka (Reg.7OU5OP), Urma (Reg.73UOY). 

Later as many more as 14 different breeds were used in the program for specific purposes.


By 1954 the Black Terrier was breeding true and puppies were later distributed to private breeders throughout the country and working in the military. 

Such is true at about the same time the KGB became a secret security entity of the Russian Government (1954). It's demise also came about in 1991. At this time we began to see Black Russian Terrier "invasion" to North America. Thus we call our Kennel KGB-BRT (Kremlin's Glorious Blackies-Black Russian Terriers).

By 1956 the first breed standard was created. Listed below is the social criteria.


1. Province                                                - Russia, the Russian Black Terrier 
2. The first standard of the breed           - 1956
3. Registration in the FCI                         - Standard number 327, 2nd Group Class 
4. Orientation of the breed                       - Bodyguards, highly reliable
5. Attitude towards the proprietor            - An infinite reliability 
6. Attitude towards children                      - Benevolent, careful
7. Attitude towards strangers                   - Mistrustful and watchful; jealous
8. Temperament                                         - Steady, jovial
9. Nutrition                                                  - Unpretentious
10. Health                                                   - High immunity towards infections, easily stands both physical efforts and changes in the weather
11. Coat                                                      - Thick, stiff, long and not shedding; guarantees a round year of maintenance of the pet in the open air. 
12. Training under the following courses    - General Training Course (GTC), Safeguard and Protection Duties (SPD), IPO, AGILITY, always shows a full pleasure. 
13. Hobbies                                                 - Playing with children, sports, travel (cars, trains, and bus), and Dog Shows. 
14. Merits                                                     - Universal popularity and love towards the breed
15. Residence                                             - Russia and many parts of the world  

                Marina Smejan, "The Pel Lars Constellation"

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