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If it isn’t a BRT it isn’t a Dog

This is going to be my favorite page. I can't think of nothing better than to print some history of the older working lines which our girl Luba has in her. The stories I am about to talk about have been found in Marina Smeyan's book "The PEL-LARS Constellation". This book is written in both Russian and English. For simplicity, stories will be compressed.


KRIMSON-GLO Born 11/28/1982


During the evening, walking unleashed with his master Simon, in the Lenin Hills near the Palace of Pioneers, Krimson pricked up his ears and rushed to the other side of the shrubs. Simon followed him and could see a man pointing a knife at a woman aiming to violate her. Having noticed the dog the malefactor and victim were stupefied with astonishment. Simon ordered Krimson, “Guard him!” and immediately called the police. Krimson was awarded a diploma by the Interior Ministry Office. 

     Simon worked at Natalya Sats “Children’s Music Theatre”. With this same dog Krimson, you could find him every weekend carting as many as four children for a drive. Simon believed this physical exercise was essential for competing in the conformation ring.

     One more Krimson story, takes place at the railway station. Krimson was commanded to guard the luggage while his master left him alone. Krimson decided to lye down and rest. By doing so, he looked like a large fur coat accompanied by unwatched luggage. A malefactor saw this and decided to grab a suitcase. When he did this the fur coat came to life and the crook fell down and stayed there until Simon arrived.  


PEL LARS IV Born 11/26/1993 (Grandson of Krimson-Glo) 

Pel_LarsCLars was not only a champion of Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland, he was also a productive family member of the Smeyan’s. Marina a breeder and handler made all of her dogs part of her family and being as such all had chores. Lars would pull a hand sled in the winter for Marina when she took her carpets for dry cleaning. He also pulled food from the market and carried Marina’s son’s books to and home from school. All was not work for Lars they also had their afternoon walks together. On one such walk at a  “Volga” a taxi-driver parked his car near her apartment and was trying to get into another “Volga”. When he saw Marina and Lars he dropped his skeleton keys and ran to his car and drove off. After this the neighbor who owned the car parked it in the parking garage. Later walking again at night some noises where heard in the rear apartment near the parking garage. When they got closer the malefactors left. The next day they found they were trying to cut into the door to steal a new car. This didn't happen with Lars on patrol.


GLASHA Born 3/30/1997 (Daughter of Pel Lars)


Lars had many descendents with similar stories of courage. One was Glasha, the daughter of PEL LARS IV. Glasha woke up the whole family barking. When her master tried to look out the door’s peephole it was sealed up. When he opened his door he saw a man across the hall about to open the door (which was also an apartment which Glasha’s master owned and rented). He also heard the footsteps of burglars rushing up the stairs. The malefactors were caught. The family in the apartment was unharmed and so grateful to Glasha that they stayed up the rest of the night and fed her with her favorite cheese.  


With his good temperament and beauty Pel Lars Iv gave birth to more than 37 offspring. One special son is:

BANZI Born 3/2/1996 (Son of Pel Lars Iv)



Banzi is known for his victories in the show ring of five countries. He is a champion of Russia, Estonia, Finland, Ukraine, and Belarus. But most noted for his achievements is the birth to his son ARBAT BAHRAI. As for hero stories about him, there is not much shared in Marina’s book but we do know that he was raised in a loving family and spent much of his time growing up with the family’s five year old son.


Banzi is our girl’s Great Grandfather.

GCH CH Kalinka’s Love My Forever Born 9/18/1007

Primm_2010_Sun_resizeLuba came into our lives at the age of 5 months. I was immediately smitten with her from the second I pulled her out of her crate. She went to through a difficult ordeal in her flight to us. She had spent 17 hours in her crate and was being held from us because the airline lost her health certificates. This poor girl, only a puppy, was looking at us without a whimper and we could not do anything. We called customs and my wife was crying for her to please give us our puppy. Finally the information was received and we got our baby. I immediately leashed her and took her across the street so she could relieve herself. Would you believe that she would not go? She looked at me waiting for command. I then said, “Go pee pee” and she went for about 60 seconds!

      I am a Home Inspector and many times when I need to go to a vacant house without any clients I will take Luba. From the first time we entered our location Luba would immediately go through the home systematically checking each room out and sniffing the whole way. If it is a two story home she will start on the first floor and then proceed to the second floor. I never taught her to do this. My only wish was to have her accompany me on the job.
     Well one day we did a home inspection in North Las Vegas. It was built in the 1960’s and not in a very nice section of the city. Luba did her usual routine on the first floor and then headed to the upstairs. I went into the Kitchen to begin my work. That’s when I heard a ruckus. Luba was barking and growling and I heard a man yelling, “Call your dog off me!” I ran upstairs and there was a vagrant cornered in a closet sitting on his sleeping bag. I held Luba by the collar and said to her, “Cut” and she stopped barking. I told the man he was trespassing and had one minute to get his things and get out of the house. All along I held Luba by my side. This guy left so fast that it was probably only 30 seconds. But that is my hero story of my Luba. I don’t think this man was a threat to me but I do know he would have given me a start if I had found him in that closet myself. 

What most impresses me about this breed is the intelligence level. This is why you have to condition yourself to learn commands in order to get the most out of your BRT. The vocabulary of command words is about twice as many as any other breed. So you, as a BRT handler, must have also the capacity to remember all of your commands and use them appropriately. These dogs can be friendly towards a stranger with one command word, then switch to prey drive (aggression) with another command word, and then back to the first command to be friendly again. Understanding children and knowing they are not a threat is in the BRT temperament. Thus, children are treated with tolerance, which is another attribute of this breed. This is something you cannot do with any dog. But this was part of the breeding criteria. How many times have you heard “NO” used with owners and their dogs? This is something you need to avoid. You need to learn “redirection”. With this in mind the dog has a word it knows and does it. You give it purpose. Anyone new to this breed must take Obedience Classes. They are not only good for your dog but also for you. Remember, your little bear cub will someday weigh almost as much as you and have reflexes twice your speed.

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