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Kremlin's Glorious Blackies
            KGB-BRT Kennel    

City of Las Vegas Approved

Fanciers Permit # U09-034152

Breeders Permit # U15-011716



Welcome to our website! 

It is 12/31/2010 the last day of the year and the first day we launch our web site. It is still growing and not complete but we wish it will suffice for now.

We hope you are here to learn a bit about the Black Russian Terrier. If you are a BRT enthusiast or if you have never heard of this type dog perhaps you will find this breed fascinating. We have some interesting topics which we hope you will enjoy. Please click through the preceding pages. We are also pleased to share some of our happy moments we have found with our favorite family member. Please do us the honor of leaving a comment on our guest book page. 


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Home general information submission announcements contact us current journals (2011)    january    march    may    july    september    november       archives   contents of issue march 2005 editorials cholestatic jaundice during infancy surender k yachha. 47 original articles     relationship between serum alanine aminotransferase levels and liver histology in chronic hepatitis c-infected patients taraneh dor-mohammadi, nasser ebrahimi daryani, mohammad bashashati, ali-asad hashtrudi, babak haghpanah, ali-reza sayyah, madjid shakiba. 49 cholestatic jaundice during infancy: experience at a tertiary-care center in bangladesh a s m bazlul karim, m kamal. 52 bile leaks following surgery for hepatic hydatid disease shaleen agarwal, sadiq saleem sikora, ashok kumar, rajan saxena, vinay kumar kapoor. 55 peptic ulcer bleeding: is helicobacter pylori a risk factor in an endemic area? Rasoul sotoudehmanesh, ali ali asgari, hafez tirgar fakheri, mehdi nouraie, morteza khatibian, nahid shirazian. 59 impact of intra-operative ultrasonography in liver surgery parul j shukla, durgatosh pandey, pramod p rao, shailesh v shrikhande, meenakshi h thakur, supreeta arya, subhash ramani, shaesta mehta, k m mohandas. 62 forum should acute viral c hepatitis be treated with interferon? cheap generic viagra cheap viagra online buy viagra online viagra for sale buy viagra online viagra for sale cheap viagra viagra online H g desai, p a gupte. 66 acute viral hepatitis c should be treated radha k dhiman, yogesh chawla. 68 case report hepatitis c virus genotype 6 infection in india sukanya raghuraman, priya abraham, gopalan sridharan, b s ramakrishna. 72 case snippets   spontaneous antegrade enteral migration of feeding jejunostomy tube ashitha c bose, shankar raman r, vikram kate, n ananthakrishnan. 74 pancreatic carcinoma: report of two cases presenting with unusual metastases d bandyopadhyay, c r kapadia, p e da costa. 75 ischemic stricture of roux-en-y intestinal loop and recurrent cholangitis ravinder s malhotra, amit jain, r y prabhu, c v kantharia, c v madivale, avinash supe. 76 cholestatic liver injury due to ibuprofen pankaj tyagi, b c sharma, s k sarin. 77 hyperhomocysteinemia presenting as superior mesenteric artery thrombosis thomas alexander, rajnish r, r balakrishnan, james f shallam. 78 inflammatory pseudotumor of gall bladder fossa of liver deepali jain, ashim das, vikas gupta, madhu gulati. 79 severe esophagitis in a child with henoch-schönlein purpura presenting as protein-losing enteropathy buket dalgiç, anil aktas, alyar poyraz, ayse dursun. 80 letters adult intussusception sanjay gupta, robin kaush.