Kremlin's Glorious Blackies
            KGB-BRT Kennel    

City of Las Vegas Approved

Fanciers Permit # U09-034152

Breeders Permit # U15-011716



Welcome to our website! 

It is 12/31/2010 the last day of the year and the first day we launch our web site. It is still growing and not complete but we wish it will suffice for now.

We hope you are here to learn a bit about the Black Russian Terrier. If you are a BRT enthusiast or if you have never heard of this type dog perhaps you will find this breed fascinating. We have some interesting topics which we hope you will enjoy. Please click through the preceding pages. We are also pleased to share some of our happy moments we have found with our favorite family member. Please do us the honor of leaving a comment on our guest book page. 


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